Spa and Aromatherapy Programs – Common Studies

Find Spa and Aromatherapy Programs in the United States and Canada. With the growing number of the population turning to alternative and complementary health therapies, individuals pursuing entrepreneurial professions in holistic healthcare find that enrolling in spa and aromatherapy programs is an excellent way to achieve both personally and professionally rewarding careers.

Today, spa and aromatherapy programs offer candidates a comprehensive and practical education in spa therapies including an integrative course of study in Western, Asian and European spa/aromatherapy treatments. Some of the fundamental studies may include but are not limited to anatomy and physiology, holistic skin care, body therapies, waxing, Swedish massage therapy, Thai massage, reflexology, facials, essential oils and herbal essences, herbal body wraps, hydrotherapy, makeup application, aromatherapy, nutrition, hygiene, and other complementary health therapies.

Other continuing education and electives offered through these courses include training in raindrop therapy, energy healing techniques like Reiki; exfoliation methods, microdermabrasion, loofah scrubs, thalassotherapy, seaweed and mud masks, and stone massage. In many cases, students participating in these alternative programs also receive practical training in basic first aid and CPR.

Students who complete all required coursework in spa programs and aromatherapy programs can go onto working as professional entrepreneurs and open private spas, salons or day spas; or may choose to pursue work aboard cruise ships, in massage and wellness clinics, and other holistic health and wellness centers.

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